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About us

Company Name DOC Japan Co.,Ltd.
Address Excelsior Kinshicho 802,24-6,
Kotobashi 4-chome,Sumida-ku,
Tokyo 130-0022 Japan
TEL: +81-3-6666-9946
FAX: +81-3-6666-9947
Incorporation December 2011
Capital 7 million yen
Representative Akiko Okawa,Representative Director and President

DOC Japan Co., Ltd. is a raw material manufacturer serving to personal care and household care.We deliver performance-driven products optimized for the personal care and household care industries through our unparalleled expertise and experience in the chemistry,global market and formulation. We bring innovative solutions of “Kansei Value”.

Corporate Philosophy


Our Mission – What we do

We will deliver products and technical services of high quality and value that contribute to new experience in the lives of people around the world through products and brands of our customers.

Our Vision – What we will become

We aim to be the trusted company that provides “Kansei” value enriching lives of people around the world.


“Kansei” value is the value that becomes perceivable when a product appeals to consumers’ sensibilities or emotions.“Kansei” is sensibility in Japanese.The Japanese have long lived in harmony with nature without destroying the natural environment while Kansei has become a part of us throughout history.

Our Values – What we believe

・We think globally.

・We behave lawfully and ethically.

・We respect others and work together.

・We challenge ourselves.

・We accomplish our goals and targets.